How Can Psychological Assesssment Improve Your Business?

Psychological testing and interviewing by a clinical psychologist helps businesses hire the right people. Dr. Bargreen's method to candidate assessment identifies whether the person is a good fit for your company and determines if the candidate has sufficient ability to elevate your organization. Psychological evaluations can be used in employee screening, succession planning, managerial selection, pre-employment decisions, and employee counseling situations. Financially, psychological testing can aid your company from hiring the incorrect person, which may save the organization thousands of dollars. Psychological assessment can protect your organization by eliminating candidates that are not a good fit for your organization. Dr. Bargreen wrote his doctoral dissertation on the number one personality assessment tool, the MMPI-2 and can improve your business by helping you hire the right person for the job.

Do I have a bright candidate? How do I choose the right person for my company? Will the candidate conflict with others at work? Will the person have the ability to grow and adapt to the needs of my company? How will my candidate connect with co-workers and supervisors? Does the person have adequate managerial skills? Does the person have problem behaviors that can or cannot be corrected?

For more than 50 years psychologists have been helping executives and managers answer such questions about people that they want to hire. Psychological assessment is the key to gaining a deeper understandingabout the people you want to hire, promote, coach, or counsel. Psychological assessment will give you insight into the person's personality and cognitive ability that you cannot find elsewhere.

How can psychological assessment help my business or corporaton? Every business owner or executive wants to hire the best people possible and it is no wonder why many psychologists are hired by companies to assess whether they are the right fit for the job.

Psychologists use psychological testing to improve your business in the following ways:

(1) Gain a better understanding of a company's management talent and potential
(2) To better recognize individuals that have strong abilities for development opportunities
(3) To discover whether an employee is ready for promotion or managerial work
(4) To tailor plans for development based on the individual's specific abilties and deficiencies
(5) To gain a better understanding of a person's poor work performance or personality issues and to tailor a plan for improvement  

A business usually hires a psychologist to help hire or promote people, based on the client's psychological testing results. Many companies have the psychologist evaluate all final candidates for a position above a specific salary level or grade. This judicious selection allows quality control in the employment and promotion process in the business. There is a great advantage to having an objective psychologist as the evaluator, due to high variability and inconsistent validity in interviewing skill level amongst managers.

Once the evaluation process has been completed, psychological evaluations are confidentially submitted to the senior HR manager or directly to the CEO to protect the confidentiality of the information. Individual feedback sessions are available to every successful candidates as part of their development. Feedback sessions to the managers can also be helpful in having the candidate better adapt to the new position.

Managers will recognize the importance of psychological evaluation. The organization can also gain from the person's psychological testing results, as they can can monitor the individual's growth over time.  

How does a psychological evaluation assess a person?

Most evaluations assess the following areas:

(1) Intellectual level (IQ) and problem-solving style and ability
(2) Creative abilities
(3) Personality and emotional functioning (identify potential problems and abilities)
(4) Insight ability
(5) Managerial style
(6) Ability for sales
(7) Decision making ability
(8) Organizational skills
(9) Leadership abilities
(10) Ambition
(11) Adaptability
(12) Ability to fit specific needs for the company or organization    

Psychological evaluations can guide the organization how the candidate can develop or improve their skills, as some candidates may need additional training or education.

What does my company need to do before the psychological evaluation?

It is helpful for the psychologist to visit the company and learn about the culture of the company. The psychologist may need to meet with managers and gain a better understanding of what is needed for the job position -- which helps the psychologist gain a better understanding of specific issues in the company.
The psychologist should be told specifically the following for pre-hire and pre-promotion candidates:
(1) Competencies for the position
(2) How the position is designed
(3) Any barriers that may interfere with the psychological testing process
(4) History of past employees for the job
(5) The culture of the team and organization
(5) Short-term and long term anticipated outcomes for the job
The company should inform the psychologist about the following for evaluations that focus on job development:

(1) The individual's history of successes or failures
(2) Current relationships with peers, subordinates and supervisors
(3) Potential for expanding responsibilities
(4) Recent and past performance reviews
(5) Previous job history    

How does Dr. Bargreen conduct the psychological evlauation?

Psychological evaluations involve aone to two hour clinical interview, a general intelligence test, and several personality questionnaires, for a total of roughly 5-10 hours of one on one time with the individual. The hours spent with the psychologist is dependent on what the organization wants the psychologist to test for. The clinical interview combined with valid, standardized testing provides a thorough and objective assessment of an individual's capabilities and personality characteristics.

What does psychological testing cost?

Dr. Bargreen charges $205.00 per hour. Evaluations cost anywhere from $2000 for sales and supervisor candidates up to $3000 for executive candidates and developmental planning profiles of senior-level managers/executives.


Successful companies have the right people working for them. Your employee development is critical to creating a successful organization. Psychological tests give you important insights about your people and the people you may hire. They help you make better decisions. From a purely financial view, if psychological tests can prevent you from making one bad hire, it probably saves you tens of thousands of dollars. (And a bad hire can cost your company thousands of dollars in recruiting and hiring expenses, training, lost opportunity, salary and benefits, and termination costs!) From a development perspective, psychological evaluation helps focus your training and development dollars where they can be most effective. From an organizational perspective, there is no better growth strategy than using every tool available to hire and develop the best people. Have Dr. Bargreen improve your company by providing psychological assessment services for your business or organization needs.